Past Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow Events

Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow - Kansas City, MO

  • ​Saturday, September 26, 2015

  • Event was held at the Suburban Lawn and Garden

  • Presenters were Evan Elenbaas, Walter's Gardens; Stacey Hirvela, Spring Meadow Nursery; John Antonelli, Four Star Greenhouse; Jack Barnwell, Barnwell Landscape and Garden Services

Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow - Charlotte, NC

  • Friday, November 6, 2015

  • Presenters were Tom Ewing, Proven Winners; Pat Seibel, Four Star Greenhouse; Terri Tullis, Spring Meadow Nursery; Hal Huntley, Panoramic Farm; John Gibson, King's Greenhouse

Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow - Asheville, NC

  • Thursday, October 27, 2016

  • Event was held at the Highland Brewery Event Center in Asheville, N.C.

  • Lunch Provided by Asheville’s Farm to Fender

  • Presenters were Tom Ewing, Proven Winners; Zeke Cooper, Harrah's Cherokee Resort; Richard Weber, Springhouse Gardens; Jane Beggs-Joles, Spring Meadow Nursery; Jon Merrill & Cynthia Milner, B.B. Barns Garden Center; Jack Barnwell, Barnwell Landscape and Garden Services

Proven Winners Day at Landfall - Wilmington, NC

  • May 31, 2017

  • Attended by over 145 guests representing gardens clubs, arboretums, master gardeners, cooperative extensions, Landfall residents and members 

  • Held inside the ballroom of the Country Club of Landfall in Wilmington, NC

  • Hundreds of beautiful display plants provided by Johnson Nursery Corporation of Willard, NC 

  • Guests purchased display plants with proceeds donated to Wilmington’s Bitty and Beau’s Coffee

  • Landfall Resident, Karen Root, opened her extraordinary private gardens to guests after the event 

Proven Winners Day at King's Garden Center -
Lexington, KY

  • June 3, 2017

  • An all morning educational event, featuring an overview from Proven Winners' Jessica DeGraaf; a presentation on the latest Proven Winners annuals and perennials by John Antonelli, Four Star Greenhouse; and an introduction of the latest proven Winners shrub introductions from Paul Koutz, Spring Meadow Nursery

  • During the program, Proven Winners and King’s Gardens experts helped guests plant plant their own container combinations which each proudly took home to enjoy for the summer

  • In addition, King’s Gardens offered one-day-only specials on all Proven Winners plants  

  • Over 35 registered for the event

Meadow Brook in Bloom -
Rochester, MI

  • June 25-30, 2017

  • Guests enjoyed a glimpse of the fascinating life of the Dodge-Wilson family from Frances Dodge’s ice blue wedding to her cutting-edge debut complete with black orchids.

  • Proven Winners' Stacey Hirvila presented guests an overview of new and exciting Proven Winners ColorChoice shrubs, sharing her vast knowledge of the world of Hydrangeas.  In addition, John Gaydos guided guests through the history and development of Proven Winners and how they guide new introductions from the breeder to the marketplace. 

  • With this event, guests had an opportunity to walk the mansion's 12 distinct gardens.  

  • Meadow Brook is designated as a Proven Winners Signature Garden. 

  • Over 60 registered for the event.

Evening in The Garden - Matter Park
Marion, IN

  • July 21, 2017

  • Coordinated annually by Friends of the Gardens, Marion, Indiana

  • Over 2,000 persons attended this annual community event at The Gardens of Matter Park, a Proven Winners Signature Garden

  • Exhibits and displays included many Marion community organizations, restaurants, crafts, entertainment, Garden Gate Nursery, local artisans, and much more!

  • Presentations included Jack Barnwell, Barnwell Gardens & Landscape on Mackinac Island, MI, Garden Ambassador Pat Seibel, and Tom Ewing who provided an overview of the Proven Winners Signature Garden program

  • The program included a container combination demonstration and garden walk

Trustees of Reservation Garden Series at The Bradley Estate
Concord, MA

  • Events held at the Bradley Estate, one of over 100 properties under the oversight of The Trustees of Reservation in Massachusetts (

  • A Private Opening initiated the formal announcement of the newly renovated gardens at The Bradley Estate on June 9, 2017

  • A series of four additional garden presentations were held on June 14 and 21, and July 12 and 26

  • The June 14th event began with a Trustee’s Garden overview and unveiling of the Bradley’s garden renovations by Director of Horticulture, Jason Veil, and Bradley Horticulturalist, Jeff Thompson. The program included a Proven Winners Signature Garden overview by Tom Ewing. And, Proven Winners Director of Marketing, Marshall Dirks, walked guests through the process of how a plant becomes a Proven Winner.

  • Subsequent Garden Series events included presentations on the latest Proven Winners plant introductions by Proven Winners Director of Product Development, John Gaydos (June 21st), New Proven Winners ColorChoice shrub introductions by Spring Meadow Nursery’s Jane Beggs-Joles (July 12th), and the latest Proven Winners Perennials by Evan Elenbaas of Walter’s Gardens (July 26th)

Homestead Horticultural Supply
Davidsonville, MD

  • Thursday, September 14, 2017

  • Event was held at Homestead Horticultural Supply, Annapolis, MD

  • The Roadshow was preceded by Wednesday sales development sessions with Homestead's sales staff and landscape design team 

  • Attended by nearly 100 landscapers and landscape professionals

  • On display were hundreds of top quality Proven Winners plants grown by Homestead’s Head Grower Phil Sisti and his Production Team.

  • Presenters were Proven Winners’ Tom Ewing, Jessica DeGraaf, and Jane Beggs-Joles; Eric Gilbey from Vectorworks (and APLD President-Elect) industry specific software; Michael Dudderar, Homestead’s Sales Manager; Dr. Francis Gouin, Bloom Soil Conditioner; and Special Guest, Zeke Cooper, PLA, Grounds Property Manager at Harrah’s Cherokee Resort, Principal at Cooper Stewart Landscape Architecture, Creator and Editor of LandFluence, and Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional.  

  • All attendees were treated to a BBQ lunch provided by Homestead Hort Supply 

KNLA Summer Outing / Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow

Springhouse Gardens, Nicholasville, KY

  • On Thursday, September 21, 2017, we combined the Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association’s Summer Outing with our Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow

  • This all-day educational event was held at Lexington’s destination Garden Center, Springhouse Gardens, and attended by 100+ industry professionals

  • After an opening welcome from KNLA President, Kim Fritz, the morning program included 'The Story of Proven Winners' by Tom Ewing; 'Proven Winners Color Choice Shrubs for the Landscape' by Jane Beggs-Joles (Spring Meadow Nursery); and 'High Impact Proven Winners Perennials' by Jeremy Windemuller (Walter's Garden Trial Manager).

  • Afternoon presentations included industry experts: Zeke Cooper (Grounds Property Manager at Harrah’s Cherokee Resort. Principal at Cooper Stewart Landscape Architecture), Richard Weber (Landscape Architect and Owner Springhouse Gardens), Cindi Sullivan (Trees Louisville), and Jack Barnwell (Barnwell Gardens & Landscape, C3 Gardens)

  • Zeke Cooper and Jack Barnwell are Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professionals

  • KNLA supporting suppliers displayed their products throughout Springhouse Gardens’ stunning restored tobacco barn. known as The Barn at Springhouse

  • Attendees enjoyed strolls through Springhouse Garden’s beautiful gardens and nursery grounds

  • Pesticide, Arborists, and Landscape Architect CEU credits were earned by industry professionals

Matsuda's Nursery & Wholesale Yard

Sacramento, CA

  • The first Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow of 2018 was held on February 1st at Matsuda’s Nursery and Wholesale Yard in Sacramento, CA 

  • Attended by 140 landscapers, landscape designers, nursery owners, and landscape professionals 

  • CEU Credits were earned for CLCA, CANGC, DPR, and APLD 

  • On display was a vast array of Proven Winners Annuals, perennials, and shrubs grown at Matsuda’s extensive nursery production facility 

  • Program presenters from the Proven Winners team included Tom Ewing, Doug Parkinson and John Antonelli (Four Star Greenhouse), and Jane Beggs-Joles (Spring Meadow Nursery). Eric Gilbey from Vectorworks (and APLD President-Elect) discussed the use of Site Design Technology to meet MWELO Requirements. And Special Guest, Michael Galli (owner of Metamorphosis Landscape in Millbrae, CA and a Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional) discussed ‘How Proven Winners Plants Changed My Landscape Business’ 

  • Matsuda’s Travis Gill, Ryan Wallace, and Steve Linton lead tours of Matsuda’s Propagation Facility and Growing Grounds 

  • All attendees were treated to lunch provided by Proven Winners

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

Nashville, TN

  • Our first Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow in Nashville was held on Thursday, March 1, 2018. 

  • Attended by over 85 landscape professionals, Master Gardeners, and Garden Club Members, the event was held at the historic Cheekwood Estate and Gardens and concluded with a Cheekwood Gardens tour led V.P. of Horticulture, Peter Grimaldi.

  • The event was co-sponsored by Cooper Stewart Landscape Architecture and Rachael McCampbell Art Studio.

  • Morning presentations included Tom Ewing (Proven Winners), Jane Beggs-Joles (Spring Meadow Nursery), and included expert presentations by two of Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professionals - Doug Darga (The Gardens of Matter Park) and Zeke Cooper (DreamCatcher Hotels).

  • The lunch presentation was provided by Tony Kostreski from Vectorworks Inc., who outlined the benefits of their industry specific design software.

  • The afternoon included a lively presentation by Carol Reese, Research Horticulture Specialist (UT West Tennessee Ag Research and Education Center), and very informative presentations by Chris Hackler (Drees Plant Wholesalers), and Bill Hewitt (owner of Hewitt Garden and Design Center).

  • Attendees were also treated to a hands on landscape painting session led by Nashville’s Fine Artist, Rachael McCampbell. Each took home their own work of art!

  • The day concluded with a cocktail reception in Cheekwood’s Massey Hall.

Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery Day at Proven Winners 2018 Spring Trials

  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018 

  • Event was held at Proven Winners 2018 Spring Trials located at the historic Kirigin Cellars in Gilroy, CA 

  • Attended by 100+ landscape industry professionals 

  • Guests were treated to sneek previews of the Proven Winners 2019 Annuals, Perennials, and Shrub Introductions 

  • Event included the introduction of Devil Mountain Nursery’s new Morgan Hill staff; a presentation by Proven Winners Director of Product Development, John Gaydos, sharing The Proven Winners Story; and a Proven Winners Marketing presentation by Proven Winners Marketing Director, Marshall Dirks 

  • The day concluded with an open house and tour of Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery’s impressive new Morgan Hill location

Homestead Horticultural Supply

Annapolis, MD

  • Thursday, September 6, 2018

  • Event was held at the Homestead Horticultural Center, Annapolis, Maryland

  • Presenters were Tom Ewing  provided an overview of Proven Winners; Jane Beggs-Joles from Spring Meadow Nursery presented new exciting shrubs now being introduced from Homestead Horticulture Supply;  Val Rollins and John Antonelli from Four Star Greenhouses presented new Proven Winners annuals for the landscape; Vectorworks’ Eric Gilbey discussed Integrating Sustainable Site Design with Technology; Evan Elenbaas from Walter’s Gardens presented new Proven Winners perennials to enhance the landscape; and Special Guest, Marie Rojas, concluded the program with her very informative topic . . . “Bees, Beneficials, and Blooms”.

  • On display were popular, quality Proven Winners plants grown by Homestead’s Head Grower, Phil Sisti and his Production Team.

  • Attendees were treated to a BBQ lunch provided by Homestead Horticultural Supply.

The Greenbrier

America's Resort

White Sulphur Springs, WV

  • Thursday, September 6, 2018

  • Event was held at The Greenbrier Resort, in White Sulphur Springs, WV

  • Held in the Greenbrier’s Taft Meeting Room, the event was sold out with just over 100 attendees

  • Presenters were Tom Ewing who presented The Proven Winners Story and How Plants Become a Proven Winners; Evan Elenbaas from Walter’s Gardens presented new Proven Winners perennials Designed Into the Greenbrier’s Proven Winners Botanical Trail projects; Jane Beggs-Joles from Spring Meadow Nursery presented new shrub introductions Designed Into the Greenbrier’s Proven Winners Botanical Trail projects; Scott Barnitz from Bob’s Market & Greenhouses discussed the Finished Plant Production Process; and Vectorworks’ Eric Gilbey discussed Integrating Sustainable Site Design with Technology

  • Afternoon presenters included Jason Testman, PLA, LEED AP BD+C, Landscaper Division Manager with West Virginia’s TerraCare Inc., shared an overview of their impressive Landscape Redesign Project at the West Virginia State Capital Complex; and Zeke Cooper, PLA, ASLA, Business Development Manager with DreamCatcher Hotels, spoke on his landscape design experience at Harrah's Cherokee Resort & Casino and highlighted his work this year designing the gardens at the Greenbrier, including the Proven Winners Signature Garden at the north entrance

  • The day finished with a discussion from Curtis Webb, Greenbrier’s Director of Grounds, who spoke on The Importance of the Landscape Showcase at The Greenbrier. Curtis finished with the day’s highlight -  a walking tour of the beautiful grounds at the Greenbrier

  • On display were popular, quality Proven Winners plants grown by Saunders Brothers Nursery in Virginia. Saunders Brothers’ Doug Larimer and Sean Sullivan were on hand to answer questions

  • Attendees were treated to a Greenbrier box lunch

Home Nursery, Inc.

St. Louis, MO

  • Thursday, February 7, 2019 

  • Hosted by Home Nursery, Inc. the event was held at The Doubletree Chesterfield Conference Center 

  • Home Nursery’s President, Ann Tosovsky, introduced the Home Nursery team and welcomed the almost 200 landscape professionals in attendance 

  • Hundreds of Proven Winners display plants were provided by Home Nursery, Walters Gardens, and Four Star Greenhouse 

  • A catered lunch was served in the Conference Center Pavilion 

  • Experts from Proven Winners presented their newest introductions and shared their recommendations for the landscape 

  • Presenters from Proven Winners included Tom Ewing (The Proven Winners Story), John Antonelli (New Proven Winners Annuals), Jane Beggs-Joles (Exciting New Shrubs For The Landscape), and Josh Roggenbuck (New Perennial Introductions To Enhance The Landscape) 

  • Eric Gilbey, President-elect of APLD and Landscape Product Marketing Manager with Vectorworks, Inc. provided his expertise on Integrating Sustainable Site Design With Technology 

  • Craig Regalbrugge, VP of Advocacy and Research with AmericanHort presented a very helpful update and outlook for H2B and Other Relief & Reform via a Skype Presentation 

  • Our Guest Speaker was Richard Weber, Certified Landscape Architect, Owner of Springhouse Gardens in Nicholasville, Kentucky, and Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional. Richard spoke on Bringing Value To Your Landscape, sharing his valuable experience essential for effective landscape design 

  • CEU Credits were earned for members of MoGIA, APLD, and ASLA

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